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Speeding can be a costly habit, especially if you live in New Jersey. If you’ve recently been pulled over for a speeding violation, it’s imperative to hire an experienced and resourceful NJ speeding ticket lawyer to represent you in court.

When you’ve been caught speeding and are facing a fine and points on your license, make sure to contact the Shugar Law Office. Our experienced NJ speeding ticket lawyers will listen to your case and craft a robust argument to use in your legal defense. With our expertise in representing clients that have received traffic violations, we have the resources and knowledge to provide superior legal representation in speeding vehicle cases.

How Can Speeding Tickets Affect Auto Insurance?

If you’re declared guilty of a traffic violation, it will most likely get reported to your auto insurance provider.

A new traffic ticket or another type of moving violation on your driving record can adversely affect your auto insurance rates. While the dollar amount can vary, the average increase can be as much as $250 or more annually. This is just for one speeding ticket on an interstate or the parkway!

It’s worth noting that in New Jersey, the state suspends privileges after accumulating 12 or more infraction points on your license. After a temporary driver’s license suspension, the court may require you to complete a driver improvement course.

Not only does this punishment effectively take you off the roads for a predetermined time, but you must also go through the tedious process of reinstating your driver’s license and meeting all other state requirements. That can include the payment of additional speeding fines to get your license reinstated.

In the meantime, the loss of driving privileges due to speeding vehicle cases can affect your ability to go to work and conduct your regular day-to-day business, which is never ideal.

Why Shouldn’t Drivers Represent Themselves?

If you or your vehicle is involved in an accident and you do not have liability coverage, it can be costly for those injured by the accident. Accidents could lead to extensive medical bills, lost wages, and other severe personal and financial repercussions.

While not as severe as an accident, an interstate parkway speeding ticket can negatively impact your driving record, too. This type of moving violation can result in higher auto insurance rates and hefty speeding fines. However, if you find yourself facing traffic charges without legal representation, the damage may be exponentially worse.

Depending on how severe the charges are against you, you could face expensive fines, incarceration, revocation of driving privileges, and other costly penalties. As you might imagine, all of these punishments can negatively impact your ability to transit the state and, as a result, your life as well.

Not to mention, if you’re found guilty of a serious violation such as reckless or impaired driving, the consequences and penalties can be even more severe.

Traffic attorneys fight on your behalf and defend your side of the case to help minimize the punishment. They also help preserve your limited driving rights, such as having the ability to go to work.

As it applies to traffic violations in New Jersey, proper representation is essential. Without it, you’re leaving your fate in the hands of the legal system. Generally, this is not a good idea. That’s why it’s essential to hire competent and experienced NJ speeding ticket lawyers when you’ve been caught speeding.

What You Need to Know About Speeding Laws in NJ

Speeding laws are intended to protect the individual driver and those that are sharing the road with them. Many times, in speeding vehicle cases, an officer will inform the judge you were placing others at risk due to exceeding the speed limit. An attorney trained in careless driving defenses can effectively defend you against any embellishments a police officer might make during trial. So in cases where you’ve been caught speeding, you still need a knowledgeable attorney to represent your interests and protect against unwarranted claims by law enforcement.

New Jersey Street Racing Tickets

Street racing tickets in New Jersey can lead to substantial fines and the possibility of losing your license. Oftentimes, these types of speeding tickets are viewed as more unfavorable than traditional tickets due to the nature of the infraction. Street racing is unnecessary and puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk of injury and worse. When facing a street racing ticket, it’s imperative you contact an NJ speeding ticket lawyer that has the legal expertise to successfully represent you in court. If you’ve been caught speeding in a street racing incident, get in touch with the Shugar Law Office for an attorney that will fight for you no matter what!

Super Speeder Tickets in NJ

Super speeder tickets in New Jersey are defined as speeding in excess of 15 mph over the speed limit and carry a 4 point infraction for your driver’s license. If a driver is speeding 30 mph over the limit, the punishment increases to 5 points. These points, fines, and the resulting insurance hikes are sure to put a serious dent in most driver’s pocketbooks. In order to avoid the excessive costs of a super speeding ticket, it’s best to hire lawyers that know the law and will work diligently to get your case dismissed or reduced.

Lawyers With the Legal Experience to Defend Against NJ Speeding Tickets

Shugar Law Office is here to help with any traffic violations you may be charged with. As experienced careless driving attorneys, we have the knowledge and understanding of New Jersey law to successfully defend you against whatever tickets you are issued. We also offer other legal services besides fighting speeding tickets that include:

Contact us today for more information and receive your consultation. Don’t settle for less when it comes to hiring an NJ speeding ticket lawyer. Call Shugar Law Office today for expert advice and an attorney that will work for you!

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    I highly recommend this law firm to anyone, who need help with their traffic tickets. My son could end up with 7points on his license, but thanks to the Shugar Law Office, no points at all. One ticket was dismissed completely, and for another he had to pay a fees. The process is easy and streamlined, I feel lucky I found them for my son. Thank you so much

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    I highly recommend this law firm to anyone, who need help with their traffic tickets. I could end up with 6 points on my license, but thanks to the Shugar Law Office, no points at all. One ticket was dismissed completely, and for another I had to pay some fees. The process is easy and streamlined, the fee is fair. The communication is excellent, they are responsive and attentive. I feel lucky I found them.

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