Driving While Intoxicated Simplified

One of the scariest times to be stopped by the Police is when you have been drinking.

Maybe you thought you were “OK” to drive, however, even 1 or 2 drinks within a short period of time can easily put you over a .08 BAC. The cop comes to your window and you try your best to avoid looking at them as to avoid them smelling the alcohol. You try your small talk. All the while they are on to you. The cops know….they do this for a living all day every day!

Once the cops pull you out of the car it’s all over as it is almost certain you are going to be charged with a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). When it is all said and done you are charged with a DWI. Who do you turn to? You can’t lose your license because you need your license for your job and furthermore how does the Court expect you to pay fines if you don’t have a job! These are all the things you think of.

You know you need a lawyer but which one. Your family and friends will tell you go to this lawyer or that lawyer. Do not go to a Real Estate Lawyer or a Wills and Estates Lawyer the same way you would not come to us for a house closing or to have a will drafted. You need a lawyer that does the defense you need for a living. We have a proven method to defend Driving While Intoxicated cases and it is NO SECRET. We will tell you during our initial phone consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys. We will tell you exactly how we plan on defending your case so that you can make an informed decision to hire us. Call (866) 568-2027.

Saves You Money When You Hire Us!

How you ask? Ok…I’ll tell you. Attorneys get the police records from the prosecutor which includes Alcotest discovery. Alcotest discovery is the documents the Prosecutor is required to introduce in Court to prove your Blood Alcohol Concentration.

Most Attorneys have no clue how to read those documents so they tell you that you need to send it to an Expert to review the Alcotest discovery to determine if there is an issue with it or a legal argument. To have that done cost around $700. Don’t bother doing that because I know how to read those Alcotest documents, therefore I will know instantly what legal arguments you have and will make those arguments to the Prosecutor. NO need to get an expert….Just saved you $700…Your Welcome! Now there are some circumstances where we may explore an expert, but I can tell you that we rarely have to get one. Call (866) 568-2027.

Refusal To Take the Alcotest

A refusal is one of the toughest charges to beat. Merely not taking the test is a refusal. You have no right to an attorney, no right to ask the cop questions and if you take too long to decide to take the test you are charged with a refusal. If you say “NO” and then say “You know what…I’ll take the test”…it is too late. Again here we have a proven method to defend Refusal cases and it is NO SECRET. We will tell you during our phone consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys. We will tell you exactly how we plan on defending your case so that you can make an informed decision to hire us. Give us a call (866) 568-2027.

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    Answered all of my calls on time and professionally. Were happy to help and got my case solved very quickly. Cheap as well - $340 for a speeding ticket appearance. Thank you for all your help!

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    I called on a Saturday thinking I would just leave a message and Mr. Shugar answered the phone. I have a commercial license so my license is my life. [...] What I thought was really great is whenever they send you an email they also send you a text so you know to check your email. I knew when they sent letters to the court and knew when they spoke to the prosecutor and knew when the case was resolved. In the end I didn't get any points and they made it very easy. I am very pleased and definitely recommend them.

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    Like everyone else, I got flooded with mail from every law office after my speeding ticket. I chose Shugar Law Office based on all the positive reviews and they were all spot on. [...] I received text updates each step of the way and emails when needed. The result was the normal fine, which I would've had to pay anyway, and ZERO points on my license. Thrilled over the result and I highly recommend Shugar Law Office. Excellent communication, easily accessible, and top notch service. Thank you!

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    Great care and concern. They always keep me posted for any updates on my traffic ticket in court via phone calls and text messages. Also, so far, they seem to proceed with the best option available to my benefit.

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    They did a great Job as advertised. They were nice and listened when I called. I was updated by text messages all along the way. My case was dismissed with no fine. It was easy. I would recommend them.

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    Working with Shugar Law Office was a seamless and professional experience. I received my desired outcome (points removed) and did not have to do much except give them my case number. Price was reasonable as well. Would recommend to anyone looking for traffic related cases.

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