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Local Lawyers Fighting for New Jersey Residents

Have you been recently pulled over for a traffic violation and need legal assistance? Are you facing an assault and battery charge and need the right lawyers to represent you? Shugar Law Office is a leading provider of legal services for the residents of New Jersey. We work hard to help all of our clients overcome unfair and biased charges against them. With a winning track record across the state, it’s no wonder New Jersey residents turn to our local lawyers for help when they need it the most.


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Experienced Assault and Battery Attorneys

Assault and battery charges are a serious problem and can lead to significant jail time if you don’t have the right attorneys working for you. As experienced assault and battery attorneys, our experts have the experience and resources to provide high-quality legal services for anyone facing this type of criminal charge.

You need an experienced and resourceful lawyer to get an assault charge dropped. Don’t take a chance on a second-rate assault and battery lawyer. Trust the professionals at Shugar Law Offices to help when you need a qualified assault and battery lawyer for your legal defense.

Defending a Civil Lawsuit in a Criminal Case

Are you involved in a civil lawsuit due to a criminal case? Do you need expert legal representation to help defend your interests? If you want to win in your municipal court, contact the local lawyers in New Jersey that care about each of their client’s needs.

Shugar Law Office is here to help no matter what your legal challenges are. Whether you require the assistance of a legal firm for minor violations or more substantial proceedings, our lawyers have the resources, expertise, and legal knowledge to get the job done right.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to a legal defense! Choose our highly-ranked law firm for some of the best local lawyers you can find in New Jersey.

A Law Firm for Traffic Violations and Other Charges

At Shugar Law Office, we’re not just a law firm for traffic violations; we offer a wide range of services covering assault and battery charges and DWI charges. You need an expert legal team fighting for you when faced with any type of traffic violation.

Don’t get caught unprepared going into court! Use a local lawyer with extensive legal experience and a history of winning in New Jersey municipal courts.

The Best New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyers

No Points – No Surcharges

Why settle for an attorney who is not passionate about what they do. You deserve the best representation to get these points and surcharges off your license. If you recently received a ticket in New Jersey you should call the experienced lawyers here at Shugar Law so we can aggressively fight for No Points and No Surcharges.

  • Emily Rowe

    Google Review

    Answered all of my calls on time and professionally. Were happy to help and got my case solved very quickly. Cheap as well - $340 for a speeding ticket appearance. Thank you for all your help!

  • Wilber Ocasio

    Google Review

    I called on a Saturday thinking I would just leave a message and Mr. Shugar answered the phone. I have a commercial license so my license is my life. [...] What I thought was really great is whenever they send you an email they also send you a text so you know to check your email. I knew when they sent letters to the court and knew when they spoke to the prosecutor and knew when the case was resolved. In the end I didn't get any points and they made it very easy. I am very pleased and definitely recommend them.

  • A P

    Google Review

    Like everyone else, I got flooded with mail from every law office after my speeding ticket. I chose Shugar Law Office based on all the positive reviews and they were all spot on. [...] I received text updates each step of the way and emails when needed. The result was the normal fine, which I would've had to pay anyway, and ZERO points on my license. Thrilled over the result and I highly recommend Shugar Law Office. Excellent communication, easily accessible, and top notch service. Thank you!

  • Khaled Alkaawani

    Google Review

    Great care and concern. They always keep me posted for any updates on my traffic ticket in court via phone calls and text messages. Also, so far, they seem to proceed with the best option available to my benefit.

  • Megan Fine

    Google Review

    They did a great Job as advertised. They were nice and listened when I called. I was updated by text messages all along the way. My case was dismissed with no fine. It was easy. I would recommend them.

  • Faustin Arevalo

    Google Review

    Working with Shugar Law Office was a seamless and professional experience. I received my desired outcome (points removed) and did not have to do much except give them my case number. Price was reasonable as well. Would recommend to anyone looking for traffic related cases.

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