When you’re looking for an attorney to defend you in court, you’ll want someone who regularly handles cases like your own and has had the experience needed to mount a formidable defense. Whatever charges you’re currently facing, you should always speak with an attorney at our law offices in Woodbridge, NJ.

Shugar Law Office is home to a talented team of lawyers dedicated to providing clients with expert legal counsel. When you reach out to our law offices in Woodbridge, NJ, you can expect to work with a knowledgeable lawyer committed to helping you arrive at the best possible outcome for your particular case!

Committed Criminal Defense Attorneys in Woodbridge, NJ

Shugar Law Office provides dependable criminal defense attorneys for Woodbridge, NJ, residents who have been accused of a crime and need legal counsel to defend their rights. If you need someone with legal expertise to listen to your side of a story, then you can rely on the attorneys at our law offices in Woodbridge, NJ. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, fines and penalties can be high even for first offenders. With a lawyer from Shugar Law Office at your side, you’ll stand a better chance at having your charges reduced or dropped altogether..

Experienced DUI Lawyers in Woodbridge, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

Having a DUI lawyer in Woodbridge, NJ, defend your case is crucial if you ever face DUI charges. Because driving while under the influence is considered a serious offense in New Jersey, the punishments are equally as severe. However, an experienced DUI attorney from the Shugar Law Office will understand how to handle evidence and documentation in court. As a result, it’s much more likely that you’ll have your charges reduced after reaching out to a DUI attorney at our law offices in Woodbridge, NJ.

Professional Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Woodbridge, NJ

Receiving a traffic ticket can negatively influence your life in more ways than just the high price of the fine, as receiving one may drastically increase your insurance rates. If you don’t want to suffer paying more than you need to, your best option, when faced with a charge, is to consult a traffic ticket lawyer in Woodbridge, NJ. Lawyers at Shugar Law Office who are familiar with the county you were charged in can lend their personalized expertise to fight on your behalf. Let us help you avoid the costs that come with being cited for a traffic offense.

Speeding Ticket Lawyers Serving Woodbridge, NJ

Without the assistance of an experienced speeding ticket lawyer, you can face numerous substantial charges for driving over the designated speed limit. Outside of costly fines, the state of New Jersey can levy a license suspension if you receive too many points on your driving record. Don’t take a chance representing yourself in a courtroom. To reduce your chances of being found guilty of speeding, the attorneys at Shugar Law Office will use their knowledge of the legal system to offer an exceptional defense for your case. 

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