Point assessments for the most common offenses are listed below. Be advised that local municipal ordinances and violations occurring on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway or Atlantic City Expressway that have a Title 39 equivalent will be assessed points.

Traffic CodeOffensePoints
27:23–29Moving Against Traffic2
27:23–29Improper Passing4
27:23–29Unlawful Use Of Median Strip2
39:3–20Operating Constructor Vehicle In Excess Of 45 Mph3
39:4–14.3Operating Motorized Bicycle On A Restricted Highway2
39:4–14.3dMore Than One Person On A Motorized Bicycle2
39:4–35Failure To Yield To Pedestrian In Crosswalk2
39:4–36Failure To Yield To Pedestrian In Crosswalk; Passing A Vehicle Yielding To Pedestrian In Crosswalk2
39:4-36aFail To Yield To Pedestrian Crossing Road2
39:4-36a(1)Stop Vehicle To Allow Pedestrian To Cross Marked Crosswalk2
39:4– 41Driving Through Safety Zone2
39:4–52Racing On Highway5
39:4–55Improper Action Or Omission On Grades And Curves2
39:4–57Failure To Observe Direction Of Officer2
39:4–66Failure To Stop Vehicle Before Crossing Sidewalk2
39:4–66.1Failure To Yield To Pedestrians Or Vehicles While Entering Or Leaving Highway2
39:4–66.2Driving On Public Or Private Property To Avoid A Traffic Sign Or Signal2
39:4–71Operating A Motor Vehicle On A Sidewalk2
39:4–80Disregard Of Officer Directing Traffic2
39:4-80aFailure To Obey Direction Of Officer2
39:4–81Failure To Observe Traffic Signals2
39:4-81aFailure To Obey Traffic Signal2
39:4–82Failure To Keep Right2
39:4–82.1Improper Operating Of Vehicle On Divided Highway Or Divider2
39:4–83Failure To Keep Right At Intersection2
39:4–84Failure To Pass To Right Of Vehicle Proceeding In Opposite Direction5
39:4–85Improper Passing On Right Or Off Roadway4
39:4–85.1Wrong Way On A One-Way Street2
39:4–86Improper Passing In No Passing Zone4
39:4–87Failure To Yield To Overtaking Vehicle2
39:4–88Failure To Observe Traffic Lanes2
39:4-88aTraffic On Marked Lanes- Nearest Right Lane2
39:4-88bTraffic On Marked Lanes- Unsafe Lane Change2
39:4-88cTraffic On Marked Lanes- Center Lane Violation2
39:4-88eTraffic On Marked Lanes- Trucks2
39:4–90Failure To Yield At Intersection2
39:4–90.1Failure To Use Proper Entrances To Limited Access Highways2
39:4–91Failure To Yield To Emergency Vehicles2
39:4–92Failure To Yield To Emergency Vehicles2
39:4–96Reckless Driving5
39:4–97Careless Driving2
39:4–97aDestruction Of Agricultural Or Recreational Property2
39:4–97.1Slow Speed Blocking Traffic2
39:4–98Exceeding Maximum Speed 1-14 Mph Over Limit2
39:4–98Exceeding Maximum Speed 15-29 Mph Over Limit4
39:4–98Exceeding Maximum Speed 30 Mph Or More Over Limit5
39:4–105Failure To Stop For Traffic Light2
39:4–115Improper Turn At Traffic Light3
39:4-115aTurns At Controlled Intersection3
39:4–119Failure To Stop At Flashing Red Signal2
39:4–122Failure To Stop For Police Whistle2
39:4–123Improper Right Or Left Turn3
39:4-123aRight Turns3
39:4-123bRight Left Hand Turns3
39:4–124Improper Turn From Approved Turning Course3
39:4–125Improper U-Turn3
39:4–126Failure To Give Proper Signal2
39:4–127Improper Backing Or Turning In Street2
39:4–127.1Improper Crossing Of Railroad Grade Crossing2
39:4–127.2Improper Crossing Of Bridge2
39:4–128Improper Crossing Of Railroad Grade Crossing By Certain Vehicles2
39:4–128.1Improper Passing Of School Bus5
39:4–128.4Improper Passing Of Frozen Dessert Truck4
39:4–129Leaving The Scene Of An Accident2
39:4–129ALeaving The Scene Of An Accident – Personal Injury8
39:4–129BLeaving The Scene Of An Accident – Property Damage2
39:4–129CLeaving The Scene Of An Accident – Personal Injury8
39:4–129DLeaving The Scene Of An Accident – Damage Other Vehicle2
39:4–129ELeaving The Scene Of An Accident – Suppressing Evidence2
39:4–144Failure To Observe Stop Or Yield Signs2
39:5c–1Racing On Highway5
39:5d–4Moving Violation Committed Out-Of-State2
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