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Pennsylvania Point Schedule


Vehicle Code Description # of Points

1512 Violation of restriction on driver’s license – wearing glasses, etc. 2

1571 Violation concerning license 3

3102 Failure to obey authorized persons directing traffic 2

3111.1 Obedience to traffic control devices warning of hazardous conditions 2

3112(a)(3)(i) or (ii) . Failure to stop for a red light 3

3114(a)(1) Failure to stop for a flashing red light 3

3302 Failure to yield half of roadway to oncoming vehicle 3

3303 Improper passing, overtaken driver to maintain speed; passing driver to pull in at safe distance 3

3304 Improper passing on the right 3

3305 Improper passing on the left, clear distance ahead 3

3306(a)(1) Improper passing on a hill 4

3306(a)(2) Improper passing at a railroad crossing or intersection. 3

3306(a)(3) Improper passing at a bridge or tunnel 3

3307 Improper passing in a no-passing zone 3

3310 Following too closely 3

3321 Failure to yield to driver on the right at intersection 3

3322 Failure to yield to oncoming driver when making left turn 3

3323(b) Failure to stop for stop sign 3

3323(c) Failure to yield at yield sign 3

3324 Failure to yield when entering or crossing roadway between intersections 3

3332 Improper turning around – illegal U-turns 3

3341(a) Failure to obey signal indicating approach of train 2

3341(b) Failure to comply with crossing gate or barrier 30-day suspension and 4

3342(b) or (e) Failure to stop at railroad crossings 4

3344 Failure to stop when entering from alley, driveway or building 3

3345(a) Failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights 60-day suspension and 5

3361 Driving too fast for conditions (if violation occurs in an active work zone and in

conjunction with an accident, 15-day suspension) and 2

3362 Exceeding maximum speed (Miles over Speed Limit):

6 to 10 2

11 to 15 (if violation occurs in an active work zone, 15-day suspension) and 3

16 to 25 (if violation occurs in an active work zone, 15-day suspension) and 4

26 to 30 (if violation occurs in an active work zone, 15-day suspension) and 5

3 1 and over Departmental Hearing and Sanctions provided under Section 1538(d) and 5

(if violation occurs in an active work zone, 15-day suspension)

3365(b) Exceeding special speed limit in school zone 3

3365(c) Exceeding special speed limit for trucks on downgrades 3

3542(a) Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk 2

3547(a) Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk when entering from a driveway or alley 3

3549(a) Failure to yield to blind pedestrians 3

3702 Improper backing 3

3714(a) Careless driving 3

3745 Leaving scene of accident involving property damage only 4

I went to court today for 3 very serious driving violations that would have resulted in points and fines. However, the most serious charge was dismissed, and the other 2 tickets were downgraded and i received a small fee with no points. Im very happy with the outcome, and I highly recommended this law firm..Will definately use them again. Their rates was half of what other firms was charging me. Many thanks to Greg Shugar.😁
Charlene Chapman
Charlene Chapman
20:49 30 May 18
Got my ticket fee reduced by two thirds and no points! Good job!
Edwin Hiecke
Edwin Hiecke
22:12 04 May 18
This law office has super excellent lawyers who looked after my interest and fought my best. They expectations. I am more than happy and feel proud for my selection of this Law House.
tushar roy
tushar roy
20:40 26 Mar 18
Will recommend 💯 thank you guys for helping me
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes
00:48 28 Feb 18
I wish if I could rate Gregory Philip Shugars Esq Millions of Stars. The excellency and professionalism of Mr. Kevin on representing my case was more than I can say with words. I wish if I could give Mr. Kevin a 6 Star. I thank Mr. Kevin beyond Major
23:52 22 Sep 17
I am very greatful for Shugar Law Office. They did exactly what they said they would do over the phone. I didn't even have to go to court. My case got completely dismissed. I paid no fine and got no points. I am a commercial driver. If I got this ticket I would've lost my job. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who gets a ticket in New Jersey.
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed
21:03 08 Aug 17
I received a ticket in the Holland tunnel that if I'd not called Shugar Law about would have resulted in points on my license, & higher insurance premiums, I emailed Shugar Law, gave them the ticket # , and they took it from there, I didn't have to do anything else, 6 weeks later the ticket was lowered to another charge , an $89 fine & NO POINTS ON MY LICENSE. Shugar Law saved me $$$ in insurance surcharges. I'd recommend them to any of my friends. If you receive a ticket for anything, do yourself a favor, call Shugar Law, they can help you,
Will The Thrill
Will The Thrill
13:32 25 Jun 17

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