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39:4–86 Improper passing in no passing zone (4 POINTS)

Overtaking and passing vehicles; crossing “No Passing” lines. The driver of a vehicle shall not drive to the left side of the center line of a highway in overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction unless the left side is clearly visible and free of oncoming traffic for a sufficient distance ahead to permit the overtaking and passing to be made in safety.

The driver of a vehicle shall not drive to the left of the center of a highway in order to overtake and pass another vehicle proceeding in the same direction upon the crest of a grade or upon a curve in the highway where the driver’s view along the highway is obstructed within a distance of five hundred feet.

Except when otherwise directed by a duly constituted traffic or police officer or when the lane in which he is operating is obstructed and impassable, the driver of a vehicle shall not cross an appropriately marked “No Passing” line in a “No Passing” zone duly established pursuant to a duly promulgated regulation of the State Highway Commissioner or an ordinance or resolution duly adopted by a municipal governing body or a board of chosen freeholders, whichever has jurisdiction over the highway.

An Improper Passing Ticket is a common ticket issued by the New Jersey police. This statute basically says if you pass someone you must pass them on the Left. This statute is designed to prohibit a few things. Firstly, it is to prohibit the person who is weaving in and out of traffic passing people on the right. Secondly, it is to prohibit someone riding the shoulder (because there is traffic, etc) to get off at their exit. Thirdly, it is to prohibit the person from getting into a left turning lane too soon by crossing the “hash marks” (those yellow x marks on the road before a left turn).

There are many defenses in NJ Court to an Improper Passing Ticket. Just because you given an Improper Passing Ticket doesn’t mean you are guilty.

If you have been charged with an Improper Passing Ticket in New Jersey it is important that you hire an experienced NJ lawyer to represent you in court who will leave no stone unturned. Because you do not appear in court every day, and we do, you may not be aware of the many defenses, objections and challenges that are available to defend your Improper Passing Ticket charge. Anyone can simply plead guilty and get the points. Don’t give up your rights!

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We do whatever it takes to get you the best possible result for your Improper Passing Ticket in NJ Court. We explore every possible avenue for a successful defense. Whether it is a complete dismissal, downgraded charge, or trial on the merits of your case we guarantee we won’t stop until you tell us to stop.
*Many times we can file motions and/or have the Judge sign an Order to exclude documents from your case.
*Many times we can argue you made a judgment call.
*Many times we can argue case law to dismiss your ticket charge.

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