New Jersey Local Code Violations that have a Title 39 equivalent will be assessed points!

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New Jersey Local Code Violations Have Points!

Bloomfield254-7U Turns Prohibited3
Ridgewood265-8Prohibited U Turn3
Ridgewood265-9Prohibited Turn In Intersection3
Union266-7Prohibited U-Turn3
Union266-8Prohibited Turn At Interssection3
Fanwood280-24ALeft Turn Prohibition During Certain Hours3
Fanwood280-24CRight Turn Prohibitions During Certain Times3
Fanwood280-70Lane Use Reservation2
East Rutherford285.5Restricted Turns3
Livingston29-8No Left Turns3
Bergenfield299-20No Left Turn3
Bergenfield299-22Prohibited Right Turn On Red Signal3
Bergenfield299-23U-Turns Prohibited3
Berlin320-33C(4)(D)Failure To Stop At Intersections- Bcp2
Long Branch325-38Right Turn Only On Indiana Ave-Certain Hours/Days3
Burlington344-33No U-Turns3
Clark347-36Turn Prohibitions3
Clark347-37Right Turn On Red3
Paramus419-47Left Turn Prohibited3
Guttenberg7-10U-Turn On Any Street Prohibited3
Montgomery7-10.1No Left Turn3
Millburn7-22No Left Turns3
Piscataway7-26Left Turns Prohibited3
Bayonne7-27No Left Turn Into Shop Rite3
Bayonne7-27.1Improper U-Turn Signs Posted3
Bayonne7-28Right Turn On Red Prohibited Restricted Hours3
Guttenberg7-7-69U-Turns On Streets3
Plainsboro96.17.1Improper Turn3
North Caldwell99-16Turns Prohibited3
Palisades Interstate411.1(K)Crossing Solid Lines Prohibited2
Palisades Interstate411.1(L)Weaving In And Out Of Traffic Prohibited2
Palisades Interstate411.1KCrossing Solid Lines Prohibited2
Palisades Interstate411.1LWeaving In And Out Of Traffic Prohibited2
Palisades Interstate411.1MBacking Up Prohibited2
Palisades Interstate411.1QNo Disregard Of Traffic Signs & Signals2
Palisades Interstate411.1RDriving Too Close5
Palisades Interstate411.1SImproper Turn Signal2
Palisades Interstate411.1TFailure To Pass Left When Overtaking4
Palisades Interstate411.1UFailure To Keep Right2
Palisades Interstate411.1WDriving Carelessly2
Palisades Interstate411.1XFailure To Yeild Right Of Way To Emergency Vehicle2
Palisades Interstate413.1B .09Speeding 1-9 Mph2
Palisades Interstate413.1B .14Speeding 10-14 Mph2
Palisades Interstate413.1B .19Speeding 15-20 Mph4
Palisades Interstate413.1B .24Speeding 20-24 Mph4
Palisades Interstate413.1B .29Speeding 25-29 Mph4
Palisades Interstate413.1B .34Speeding 30-34 Mph5
Palisades Interstate413.1B .44Speeding 40-44 Mph5
Palisades Interstate413.1B .49Speeding 45-49 Mph5
Palisades Interstate413.1B .54Speeding 50-54 Mph5

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